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Re: A strange oral fixation!(long query)

Two bits come to mind that will cure your problem - and I mean cure.  
I have had incredible sucess with both.  The first is a segunda 
mouthpiece, it has a tilted port within which the tongue rests.  The 
port goes forward in the mouth.  The second is a Linda Tellington 
Jones bit which has a port with a cricket.  Both eliminate tongue 
pressure, to which he is objecting, and actually encourage tongue 
movement, which he feels he cannot do.  I have used both bits on 
horses that do not have a tongue problem and the flexibility and 
roundness of the horse develops so quickly it is hard to believe.  
yes, both bits "look" severe, but I hardly think so from the horse's 
point of view.  Both are readily available in tack shops.
PS - all those rubber tongue jobs never worked for my horses either!
John and Sue Greenall

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