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Endurance photos for web project

Hi fellow ridecampers,
  I am working on a project inspired by Julie Campbell of the SW.  She
sent some wonderful photos to me of scenes related to endurance from the
SW.  She and I got to "talking" and  thought wouldn't it be great to
show riders and the many geographical & climactic conditions in which we
ridecampers ride.

You can see the beginning - format will probably change with more photos
and info coming in -

    I teach elementary music, so I will keep the page kind of light. We
will also write phrases, background music, even songs about some of the
   One of my goals is to show my students that people around the world
may share  dreams, goals and passions and that in many ways we are more
alike than different. I also want my students to realize that people
have choices in life - recreation, goals, jobs, education and that it is
wonderful to get to choose.  I want my students to someday find
something they love to do.

      Basically, if you want to put pictures on the web this might be a
fun way to share your horse with the world. Remember, the photo needs to
show something of where you are in the world - cotton field, mountain
range, rhinoceros, swamp, red clay road, beach, desert, grassy plains,
aspens, snow, etc.  Also, please write a brief description of where you
are and what we see in the photo. Please send photo as an attachment or
give me URL where it can be seen.

Thanks for considering it.  Deborah Barber

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