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Re: horse that crabs

>Angela, just wondering if your horse crabbed only in one direction? 

Let me think...I believe his rear end was off to the left...he rope
walked in front, his right fore swung way out to the side and his left
fore traveled fairly streight. He was a freak of nature.  By the way, in
the rear his feet twisted with every step.

I got him to sell, not for endurance.  I started riding him just to get
the buck out of him, and continued to train my straight legged horses. 
Then, my straight legged horses kept going lame.  Figured I'd just ride
Isaiah until he went lame too...and he refused to.  I was really
embarassed on him, was afraid people thought I didn't know any more about
conformation than to ride THAT.  

I rode him in 10 50's without a pull or a lameness of any kind.  Then had
one pull from a sprain or something, but no time off, was fine the next
day.  Sold him to a kid who did 18 more 50's and a 100 on him without a
pull...or a vet bill.  The vets said it was a miracle he could trot out
without falling down.  


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