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Re: stirrup lengths/ type of saddle

Kimberly -

I have also struggled to find the elusive best balance in saddles and have also found that the shorter the stirrup length, the more difficult it is to keep my legs under my hips.  I was unable to find an acceptable all purpose model, and went with either a dressage model or a modified endurance model.  The Wintec dressage worked well for my knees, but not so well for my horse's back.  The SR Enduro worked best for both me and my horse, and it you can find a used one, I would recommend it (otherwise they are REAL expensive).  I also will be trying a sportsaddle with the stirrups set back and the youth cut option (which allows more swing to the stirrups) but don't know yet how that will work.

Good luck with your saddle search.  I fear perfection is an illusion.


Kimberly wrote: 

I have questions about stirrup length & type of saddle. Briefly, the situation
is as follows:

I've been trying lots of saddles geared toward a more balanced seat with my
legs directly below me; sort of in a dressage type position.  If the horse
disappears from underneath me (magically, of course), I would be standing
up.  I'm happy posting at this position but unfortunately, none of the
saddles benefited Mystery's back.

 My problem is when I post, I feel like I am being thrust
forward over his shoulders.  I'm trying different stirrup lengths, but not
too short so far as I do like the longer legs under my hip.

I am afraid if the stirrups are too short I will no longer have a balanced
seat and I will have soreness associated with the bent knee.

How do the distance riders who use all-purpose saddles deal with this?  Does
anyone coming from a dressage saddle to an all-purpose saddle find they also
have problems?  Can you be truly balanced in an all-purpose saddle?

Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..

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