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Angela C. McGhee wrote:
> SADDR Public Service Announcement:
> Today is officially the first day of winter.  If I remember correctly,
> that means the days start getting longer TOMORROW!!!  My horse has new
> shoes and I'll be officially "in training" for '99 on Saturday.

Hey, WE'RE ready, too!!!  My horse just got snow pads and new shoes, I
got my new polar fleece tights, and hunting season is slowing down. 
(Split season for Turkey here now, but the turkey hunters aren't as bad
as the deer hunters.)  Look out neighborhood, here comes that
funny-looking woman in tights and a helmet again!!

We found Rocket's latest lameness problem, thank goodness.  He has been
on and off again grade three lame.  He had an abcess pop at the coronet
band (gravel) a few days ago.  We think a stone bruise turned into an
abcessed area.  <Instantly> he was walking much more soundly!  Maybe
some light riding Saturday, inbetween hauling hot water to the barn for
foot soaks.

Heck, if he isn't ready to ride Saturday, I'll put on MY new snowshoes
and give it a try down our wooded back trail!

Linda Flemmer

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