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Val /Melissa/Nina Mississippi ride

Well, I remembered it was an absolutely rediculously short time, but it
was even worse than I thought...remember...she said they remeasured the
road with their truck the next morning and it was accurate. Read the
following, amazing. Seems impossible.

> Valerie related this story at the Equine Affaire in 
>MA in November.  She said that they rode the last 16.something >miles in
30-something minutes.  It came out to almost 30 miles an hour.  She said
that the ride was really influential in how she rode the Holland race,
because she knew what Cash could do.  She >also said that he was on a
major adrenaline high for 2 or 3 days >after:  "Look at me, I am
wonderful, I won the race, oh boy!"  and >pranced everywhere.  It was a
great story!
>Danielle in NH

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