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Re: New SE ride-GottaGo!

In a message dated 12/20/98 10:16:46 PM EST, writes:

<< Will info on the ride be placed on  Otherwise, how will
 us non-members get the word/directions, etc?
I just checked it out to see if it was listed on the 1999 ride calender and it
was NOT. I did fine some information on though....go there, then
click on Fun Stuff, then click on Places to Ride.  It is listed in the SE in
the town of Wilkesboro. It has directions and phone numbers, though I can give
them to you here....directions, check the map....Leatherwood is located just
off Hwy 268 between North Wilkesboro and Lenior, NC.  The phone number is:
800-462-6867, this is the main office number, ;they may give you information,
or they may give you the Ride Manager's phone number.  Hope to see all you
there.  We need to support these "First time RM's" as much as possible.  She
is getting alot of help from seasoned endurance riders, so I know the ride
will be great.

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