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Re: heart rate


What is the problem??? This is not out of reason and many of the Top Ten
horses we have had over the years  had a pulse like that.

Pulse at the beginning of the ride is not necessarily the determining
factor. The recovery to criteria at vet stops and at the conclusion of the
ride are the important ones.

Stop your worry and go out and win if you want. I would bet that YOUR mental
state is of more concern than the pulse rate of the horse. I do not mean
that as a slur, but your determination to go out and do well is more
important than worrying about the normal pulse rate that you have.

While many other persons would worry along with you I will take the opposite
stance. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG!!! Go to the  rides of your choice and see
how your horse performs along side the others.
Remember the name of the game is to get the mostly from your horse on that
particular day, resulting in no harm to the horse. Do not settle for part
way.  Ask for the full effort and settle for just a bit less. But do not get
sucked into the idea that vet scores less than an "A" are a detriment. Vet
scores are a judgement call and not fact! You know your horse better than
anyone else. Ride your own ride and then review the results. If you do not
finish then you have learned something. If you finish with surplus horse
then you have learned something.  What you are seeking is the in between.

Good riding, learn from every ride, stop worrying  and most of all have fun.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID
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Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 4:50 PM
Subject: Re: heart rate

>Any opinions on what to do with a very good endurance horse who really
>the endurance sport and does well but has an unusually high heart rate.
>Standing at rest he will run about 40 bpm, getting him ready for an event
>will rise to about 54 bpm and when we start an event he will reach 70 bpm.
>is well conditioned as we work about 30-40 mi per week and gets all the
>Would like to hear about solutions or suggestions.
>Bill & Smokey

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