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Re: heart rate

In a message dated 12/18/98 3:49:38 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Any opinions on what to do with a very good endurance horse who really
 the endurance sport and does well but has an unusually high heart rate.
 Standing at rest he will run about 40 bpm, getting him ready for an event he
 will rise to about 54 bpm and when we start an event he will reach 70 bpm. He
 is well conditioned as we work about 30-40 mi per week and gets all the right
 Would like to hear about solutions or suggestions.
 Bill & Smokey >>

This is probably a horse with a small heart and high contractile fraction
(efficient, but hard working). There's not much you can do besides a lot of
exercise in order to pass vet checks. Over time, you will get a faster
recovery--but you're at a disadvantage and, in my mind, one that is


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