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Re: Dubai and Electrolytes

Hello all,
Delurking here temporarily.  Thank you Joane and Monika for the kind
words.  I had a great time meeting and talking to so many people there.
Congratulations and thanks are in order for so many people.
Congratulations to all the riders and crews and especially to the
Valerie and her team deserve high praise for their performance on such a
tough ride and congratulations to the teams.  I also wnat to congratulate
Christy Janzen for her finish in the ride.  She and Ron and all the team
did a great job with Tang.

I need to comment on the following:

On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Joane White wrote 
> talking to Gayle Ecker about her
> research at the WEC on electrolytes.  ......  Gayle feels
> that we are shooting in the dark with respect to the amount and timing of
> the electrolytes and her research and the tests on the horses throughout the
> race will hopefully give us many answers to those questions.
> Joane and the Herd>

I really enjoyed talking to you too, Joane and hope that we can finish our
conversation some time soon!  I guess I would not personally chose the
words "shooting in the dark".  There is certainly a lot of trial and error
involved in electrolyte supplementation at this point, but for many, that
goes along with years of experience that help shape the approach to make
it successful.  We still have so much to learn and I am grateful to many
people for helping to provide me with the opportunity to continue with my
research.  As I am able (time being the big problem, as this is not my
major funded research area anymore), I will be writing some more articles
on my observations and thoughts on electrolytes as a result of the further

Congratulations once again to the teams and all the hard work from the
support staff and the organizing committees.  It was a wonderful
experience and an unbelievable accomplishment.
All the best,
Gayle Ecker

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