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Re: Re : WEC

It was Dominique Freeman's horse, I think his name was Jur Prize but not
positive about that---I'm not going to pass any judgements beyond noting
that this was the same horse that crashed metabolically at Tevis, I
believe had to spend some time at UC Davis afterwards, just a few months
before.  I happen to remember because when we were there, we watched the
horse being walked all day with ALOT of fluids being run into him.  So
I'm personally puzzled as to why this horse was sent to UAE, but I'm
not  the owner or a vet.

Susan G

Drin & Jim Becker wrote:
> "
> > One horse was put down after the race, but the post mortem
> > showed that it had a pre-existing problem with its heart valves,
> > probably due to an earlier illness. This was an American horse
> > on lease to the Brazilian team "
> Does anyone know who's horse this was and what was the problem ?
>                                    Drin & Bo
>                                     S.W. Mt.

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