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Re: Re : WEC

In a message dated 12/17/98 3:57:09 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I would prefer that this not be discussed on Ridecamp - it
 was tragic, and I believe discussing it on a public forum
 would be innappropriate. Thanks,
 Steph >>

Steph, without trying to rehash a tragedy, I think that rather than have
rampant speculation, it IS appropriate, at least, to state in this public
forum that the horse that died had a previously undetected and very serious
pre-existing condition, and that the death had nothing whatsoever to do with
any sort of overriding.  The horse was shipped to a state-of-the-art
veterinary hospital, where it was determined in surgery that nothing could be
done.  The owner, rider, and ride management all deserve at least that much to
be said publicly, rather than having rumors abound.

Heidi Smith, DVM

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