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Re: WEC and Journalists


Does the Chronicle have a website and e-mail address?  Some of us
may want to purchase that special issue with your story and many
of us are not subscribers.  I hope we can buy just that single

Teddy wrote:
> Hi Kathy,
> To answer your questions--yes, the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation
> invited and paid for many of the journalists to cover the WEC. However, some
> journalists, including myself, work for publications that have a policy that
> prevents us from accepting these gifts. So, while many reporters may or may
> not provide a neutral report on the competition as they witnessed it, others
> will simply "do their job" as they would for any other competition.
> I met many journalists there from throughout the world, and while there were a
> few who I believed were there for the "freebies" as you put it, most were
> working for legitimate newspapers, magazines or television stations.
> And, I must tell you all that without the USET's Jamie Saults, the foreign
> media would have struggled to even begin to do their jobs. She was absolutely
> instrumental in the process. At the last-minute she accepted the job as
> Foreign Press Liaison, since the infrastructure in place was basically non-
> existent. She was our saving grace! And that's most likely why the immediate
> pre-event coverage was so poor--Jamie almost singlehandedly organized the
> media center (two days before the competition), arranged transportation, and
> was the reason MOST of the 200+ media were able to get out to the course on
> the morning of the competition. She stayed up all night arranging
> transportation and stood in the parking lot of the Oasis Hotel for probably
> four hours packing people into vehicles. The articles and photos many of you
> will see in publications here in the U.S. couldn't have been accomplished
> without her.
> Anyway, despite all the challenges I had--11 years of journalistic experience
> helped me survive and obtain a story even without a press conference with the
> winning teams (luckily, they all spoke English!)--the trip was one I will
> always cherish. In case anyone is interested, my 7,000+ words will appear in
> the Dec. 25 issue of The Chronicle of the Horse, in addition to some fun
> photos.
> And, to all the people I met while at the WEC, "Hello," and thanks for all
> your help along the way!
> Best, Tricia Booker
> <<Have to gripe about this one,with 300 journalists from all over the world
> howcome there was soooooooooooo little coverage before and after this
> event.MMM something else for me to wonder about,were they just there for a
> freebie or what???????????
> Have to know
> Regards
> Kathy *who could have been there free- lancing but have a lovely new pc to
> play with instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>

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