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They're home-USA team update!

Hey all,

Shirley, Ona and Dale, Sharon Westergard, Darla, Wendy and Tom (and 14
horses, including US and some others) all arrived safe and sound at LAX
yesterday midafternoon.  Very tired but glad to be on home turf again. 
The flight was pretty much uneventful, except that Darla had
accidentally packed her tickets into the cargo luggage and had to be
reticketed in Amsterdam (lots of hassle there), and the ticket for the
final leg home for her had to be dug out of the luggage as it sat behind
locked gates at JetPet.

We all squished into my truck with mountains of luggage---Dale and
Merrick from the Canadian team had to hide in the bed of the truck for
the three mile drive over to where the horses were being unloaded into
quarentined.  Nobody was allowed anywhere near the horses, but they all
looked good and I'm sure very grateful to be out of the cargo carriers. 
Mark, the shipping agent, just called me a half hour ago and said all
the temps and preliminary blood was okay, so pending tomorrow's labwork,
all the horses should be cleared to go by about noon tomorrow.  Except
for Wendy and Sharon, the drive home to my place looked like Cadaver
Delivery Service---sleeping bodies crammed into an extended cab truck
peacefully snoozing and occasionally waking up long enough to ask, "Are
we there yet?"

Wendy and Tom picked up their rig from my place and headed home to
Ridgecrest to get their dogs out of hock.  Sharon, Ona and Dale got a
room locally, we all shared a quick pizza and then they headed for bed! 
Today they planned on a trip to Disneyland (maybe), before starting home

I asked Ona about the booing in the stands and she said it wasn't
everyone, just a small portion of riffraff.  Those exist in every
country, everywhere, so I would personally hesitate to criticize the
entire population for the actions of relatively few.  However, they were
also telling me about other instances of poor sportsmanship, and lots of
other instances of wonderful sportsmanship, but I'll leave that up to
them to tell.


Susan G

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