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Re: A less known "American" finisher at the WEC

This is more like to stories I like to hear about Dubai

> From: Michael K. Maul <>
> To: ridecamp <>
> Subject: A less known "American" finisher at the WEC
> Date: Tuesday, December 15, 1998 11:36 AM
> I thought I would mention that there was another less known finisher
> at the WEC last week from the US. But it was a very significant 
> achievement for her even though not as celebrated as the US team.
> She finished 54 of the 78 finishers in a start of 175.
> 54 ROM   Laura Stoicescu   Wave  22:16:17  14:01:17
> times are time of finish  10:16 PM and ride time
> The rider is Laura Stoicescu of Houston, TX. She is of Romanian 
> ancestry and decided to try to represent Romania in the ride.
> She tried to do this at Kansas in 1996 but was not able to get
> it to come together in time.  She is an AERC CT region rider who was 
> a junior just 3 years ago. It's a really fantastic achievement
> for her.
> Mike Maul
> W/CT Region
> Sunnyvale/Houston
> Her words below are:
> I'll tell the whole story a bit later, but the majority of it is. I went
> ahead and asked as many people what I could do to ride and how I could
> enter the race, with the Romania equestrian federation that I visited
> summer's full support behind me. I contacted a nice man, Bill Smith from
> England and he offered me Sheik Mohammed's horse named Wave. Wave is a 9
> year old Anglo Arab that just came from Australia about 3 weeks before
> ride. Late last week I asked Darolyn  if she wanted to come and bring
> friends who would like to come and would be helpful as a pit crew. The
> made it as 
> Laura Stoicescu -rider
> Darolyn Butler -Chief D' Equip
> Kirk Caudal-groom
> Ann Pheiffer-groom
> Sharon Seaare-
> Angaia Stoicescu-mom
> and we did a great job for the tough competition and the fact that we
> finished this race means we did our best. 
> Laura
> laura stoicesscu <>

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