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Re(2): Awards Ceremony

agreed totally.

I was in Rome last year for the European Championship and it WAS SO GREAT to apllause the french riders and the italians and Val also. It was like a big family, highly competitive, but everyone was supporting everyone.

Well, like the olympic games

I'm in a hurry, now I will depart with my car and trailer to Frankfurt to pick up Orfeo at the airport; they will land at 13:30. Can't wait to bring him back and let him go to his grass===> this is the best emotion that one can have after a race is to see your horse galoping as crazy when he is back on his green grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you guys

PS : THANK you to everyone for the numerous congrats I received. Appreciate very much. This is endurance fraternity!!!!!!!!!!


> Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:09:01 +0100
> From:
> >>Hi there,
> >>I was there at the entrance of the Stadium with the belgian team. We
> where very happy to be the first nation (alphabetical order) because the
> other nations where parked in a corridor very hot and where even not able
> to breath and see the big screen of the stadium.
> >>I was VERY UPSET about the whole thing : it was not only Val who was
> booed at, but every foreigner rider or team. 
> >>Also, there was no national anthem like usual in FEI Championships for
> the 3 first nations. So no chances to congratulates the winners
> >>Then, the 'parade' hummh of the riders was like a 'mascarade' and
> everyone was asking for himself : what am I doing here ???
> >>Anyway congratulations to Val and to the US team
> >>Leonard, Belgium
> So they booed everybody except their own?? Is that so?  Well, IMHO, UAE
> should NOT host another WEC, much less make it the permanent site of the
> WEC.  I don't care if they have more money than all other nations combined,
> or whether their culture is mired in tradition -- if they can't accept the
> reality of women and other nations as winners and finishers, they are
> missing the whole point. 
> Brenda

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