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Re: Winnie's Cookies, yucca, MSM etc

I have a question about Winnies Cookies for those out there that have
Nutrition Expertise (Susan G, etc.)
I have some advertisement information from Whinnies cookies.
They are touting a LOW Fat, LOW calorie balanced complete Supplement.
Dont we want to get more calories and higher fat into our performance
They recommend feeding 6 little cookies at 1.7% Fat ( Depending on
which to means to me it's probably not consistant in quality.Not much fat
in the total diet if that all you feed with hay.I also put a pencil to the
price of the cookies compared to another Major Feed company's High Fat
(6%), high calorie supplement, and I could feed 8 lbs a day for the same
Any comments?

Mary Rose
Newbee  Wannabe

> From: California Horse Adventures <>
> To:
> Subject: Winnie's Cookies, yucca, MSM  etc 
> Date: Monday, December 14, 1998 3:06 PM
> A lot of you have been emailing me privately which is fine, but here's a
> to everyone about the products Duncan and I were talking about for so
> FIRST, Winnie's Cookies (which are a full supplement or a treat depending
> on the amount you give) do NOT contain yucca, MSM, or any prohibited 
> substances.  
> My horse races 100s on this supplement alone with no grain, beet pulp,
> so I can say I have had excellent results myself. (He is currently 3d
> in the Western region with only 400 miles) The competition here is
> The flexxion product, WINN-FlEX, contains yucca and MSM in a standard
> HOWEVER, these people make products TO ORDER, and can make you a fine
> flexxion product using certified organic, pharmaceutical quality
> WITHOUT Yucca or MSM or any other prohibited substances.
> They also make herbal and nutrient mixes for you for specific horses and
> problems.  Please email me privately if you have questions or concerns so
> that ridecamp does not become a forum for specific products which seems
> unfair to Steph.
> Thanks 
> Wendy    

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