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Winnie's Cookies, yucca, MSM etc

A lot of you have been emailing me privately which is fine, but here's a note
to everyone about the products Duncan and I were talking about for so long.
FIRST, Winnie's Cookies (which are a full supplement or a treat depending
on the amount you give) do NOT contain yucca, MSM, or any prohibited 
My horse races 100s on this supplement alone with no grain, beet pulp, etc
so I can say I have had excellent results myself. (He is currently 3d place
in the Western region with only 400 miles) The competition here is fierce.

The flexxion product, WINN-FlEX, contains yucca and MSM in a standard order.
HOWEVER, these people make products TO ORDER, and can make you a fine
flexxion product using certified organic, pharmaceutical quality ingredients
WITHOUT Yucca or MSM or any other prohibited substances.
They also make herbal and nutrient mixes for you for specific horses and
problems.  Please email me privately if you have questions or concerns so
that ridecamp does not become a forum for specific products which seems
unfair to Steph.

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