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See my ad... / Dubai mullings....

I just posted an ad on endurance net for a used Kieffer so please check it out......
I've been using a semi-new renovated JRD Pathfinder...this is an english type endurance saddle and is worth checking out if you have the funds.......
Congrads to all the horses and riders that completed at Dubai.  Anyone know why one of the Mexican team was pulled?
In my opinion, any country who is hosting a competition and invites the free world to attend should not censor internet postings.  Why should any free country want to attend another race in this region if the results are to be censored?  It will be interesting to hear Jazon's (wonders) take on the episode when he returns.
Take care to all, have a wonderful Holiday.  I'm too swamped to do naught but lurk these days...
Kimberly (&Mystery the wooley Morab)
Pt.Reyes, CA
oh yeah, if anyone is interested, I put up a "playpage" about Mystery and Natural Horsemanship under:
I am just learning this stuff so please excuse any errors.  It will be up for a few more weeks only but has some nice links....

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