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Horse Kicking

My friend just got her little girl a horse for Christmas. The horse 
doesn't like any other horse coming up on her from behind and will kick 
at the other horse.  Yesterday while riding the horse kicked out at a 
horse that was maybe three feet away from her, and the little girl ended 
up on the ground. Not hurt, but upset. They want to show this horse next 
spring. Question: What can we do to get this horse to stop kicking? I 
was thinking that one of us should ride this horse and provoke it into 
kicking (or trying to kick) and then correcting her until she stops.  Is 
this a good idea or is there a better way? Any ideas would help us out, 
and thanks in advance.

Julie A. O'Neill
214 E. State St.
Mascoutah, Ill. 62258
I love riding my horse!

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