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Re: Nez Perce Appaloosas

I recently read an article about several "older" breeds that fanciers were
trying to build back up... I will try to find the magazine and tell you where
to find it.... it was a very interesting article.  I think the breed registry
for Appaloosas has only been in existence since the 30's and there are a few
people out there who have been breeding only horses descended from the
original foundation stock.  From what I understand over the years there have
been many changes made in the standard to accomodate horses which were not
necessarily "standard" for the breed or maybe didn't even have color...
anyway, I will find the article and forward the info.  It is really
worthwhile reading.  In our experiences, my husband (he is a farrier and I am
his supervising wife) and I are meeting alot of "foundation bred" type
horses, especially Appies and Paints, that look nothing like the QH types
that we see so often.  I had also always assumed that Paints and Appies WERE
QH...not so.  The more I learn, the more ignorant I discover I am!

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