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Nez Perce Appaloosas

>>The Nez Perce originally bred Appaloosas not only for beauty but for
>>endurance >>as well.  RESEARCH.  READ.ASK ?s.
Isn't the modern Appy, built up from the QH. If I have my history right,
almost all of the Nez Perce Appy's where slaughter by the US calvery and
the current Nez Perce are crossing them with Al Teke's.. not sure why. So
how does this come in to play (for those of you who are all breed
savy!..not me) when choosing an endurance mount.

Susan and the TWH mares!, Silky, and Lucy Van Pelt
Beavercreek,Oregon, U.S.A.
   A canter is a cure for every evil.
    Benjamin Disraeli

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