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Re: stall running

In a message dated 11/27/98 5:47:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Carl writes,
 Tom, thanks for the answer but you didn't specify the amount and class
 the horse was racing in. 
 I wonder if you could have convinced the old trainers long past as well
 as the new boys on the block that horses as well as humans can improve
 untill they are equivalent to an equine nine year old as well as
 me,especially since most TB's are retired at 8 and standardbreds are
 refused entry at 10. 
 Carl >>

Mandatory Standardbred retirement is 14yo. 

John Henry raced past 8yo. I don't know what the TB mandatory ritrement age
is--anybody know?

Convincing trainers, long past, or new boys on the block, is a lost cause. The
ones I work with come to me already convinced that there must be a better way.
I generally point them in some useful directions and they go their own
way--thanking me by reporting back their results. 

As far as the level of racing up here--there aren't many purses above $5000 in
the PNW. This horse is not an allowance or stakes performer--yet.


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