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RE: New to Endurance--breed of horse

Hello there--Although endurance riding is dominated by arabs, by all means
find a horse that suits you.   I llike appys, but then I like a challenge,
too.   The old joke is that they were ridden into war because by time you
got there you'd be mad enough to kill anything.  The foundation bred appy
would probably be a better bet than one that had a large percentage of
quarter horse blood.  I like quarter horses and know there are some good
ones out there doing endurance competition,  so don't take that as bashing
the breed,  but the older type appys were wiry-er and flatter muscelled.
Sorry about my miserable spelling.  and that seems to make them better
suited for endurance.  Also, there are arabs and there are arabs.  Put a
Polish arab and an Eygptian arab side by side and you'll see that even in
pure breeds such as this there is an amazing difference in appearance,
although both these, and the other arab lines, seem to do wonderfully well
in competition.  Just don't think that because it is an arab that any horse
would be automatically suited for endurance, no more than any rider would be
suited to ride endurance.  There are a lot of good horses out therein the
endurance circuit,and you'll note that many are grade horses.    Well, I can
see where I've been just a wealth of information,  so I'm going to hurry up
and send before I delete the whole thing.

Gay and little Buddy--with the little spotted behind

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