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Re: New to Endurance--breed of horse

I did not mention in my previous note that although I think that 1/2 Arab/Appy
cross  is so top notch, it is when the mule shows up that I worry!!!  Don't know
whose it is (I told you I'm new!) but that little bugger can go!  John is right
about Arabs... they are not all suited to endurance just cuz they are Arabs but
my point was simply that the large number of Arabs in endurance is due to the
fact that they have been bred for ages for just this sort of thing!  I do agree
about the foundation bred part (in reference to Appies)... the Quarter Horse has
been bred into a lot of color breeds for size and though I am a horse lover
through and through, no matter what breed, it is a fact that certain fads and
fancies take hold and can sometimes ruin a breed's intended purposes for the
sake of pretty or judges' prejudices (nothing against judges, just that they do
influence what some breeders will breed for, whether it's standard for a breed
or not).  Just as John indicates, there are likes and dislikes for every breed,
pros and cons, advantages, disadvantages... each horse has to be judged as an
individual, regardless of breed or lack of breed....just because you may not
know anything about a horse's pedigree doesn't mean it won't make an excellent
endurance horse.  Our daughter's grade Arab (and something else in there, too,
I'm sure!)  mare is the most unlikely endurance horse... short every which way
we look, feels like you're riding on her neck it's so short and fat like a pony
when she doesn't get exercised enough and yet she has get up and go for a half
dozen horses and will keep on getting up and going!  If she wasn't so full of
heart and willing to please and reliable, she would have been pushed out of our
minds right away as an endurance prospect.... being newbies, we didn't know any
better!  Maybe we should leave the gal to her own devices?    Anyway, are we
having fun yet?  Have a good night, all!

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