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Stall running

> Subject: 
>          Re: stall running
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>          Fri, 27 Nov 1998 19:49:01 -0700
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>          "Visions of the Wind" <>
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>          <>
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> Carl made a comment about only healthy horse doing well on the track... but
> I started my career with race horses because a 'trainer' (and I use this
> term very loosely!) was BEATING a 2 yr old filly that he had brought in that
> day! She was terrified. I won't go into the gory details, but I essentially
> took the filly away from him, and when the owner (Charlie Zeib) of the filly
> found out, he 'hired' (and trained) me to train this filly (Teresa's
> ChiChi). The long and the short of this is, the so-called 'trainer' was
> hired because his horse won. But he beat them to get them there, and they
> rarely lasted more than one season! So SOME of the 'winning' horses are NOT
> treated well. Although, as a rule, most of the trainers that I met REALLY
> cared about their horses! :-)
> Stephanie McCray
> Golden, CO

Carl writes;
This post has nothing to do with abuse......Your off base. It has ever
thing to do with if" turning the horse will improve the horse ".

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