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Re: stall running

In a message dated 98-11-27 20:49:33 EST, writes:

<< especially since most TB's are retired at 8 and standardbreds are
 refused entry at 10. >>

What a contrast to endurance, where many of our horses run into their 20's!
Always felt that the main reason for the upper limits on race horses was the
fact that so few survive the sport that long.  Granted, sprinting abilities
decrease somewhat with age, and endurance capabilities peak later and last
longer, but still, if race horses were started later, given the training time
to have sound foundations, had turnout time to exercise in ways other than
going around the track, etc., perhaps they would be sound long enough to make
folks want to change the rules.  With almost no horses that old left to run,
there certainly is currently no incentive.  The successful race trainers that
I have worked with over the years DO take longer, start older in at least some
cases, and find that it is QUITE economical to do so for the payback of a
longer track career.  As I deal with more Arab trainers, I am pleased to see
many who pride themselves on retiring horses sound so that they can then have
second careers in sports such as ours.


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