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Re: Baking Soda

In a message dated 11/25/98 8:06:51 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  It seems that it is now believed that ulcers are actually
 caused by a bacteria which is spread by flies.  Maybe that
 is another reason why stall-bound horses are much more
 liable to develope ulcers.  I have been told that ulcers can
 actually be treated by using an antibiotic which will kill off
 the "bad" bacteria.  However, the lactobacillus products
 used during and after the antibiotics actually provide the
 "good" bacteria which competes for "space" in the stomache
 lining, thus helping to wipe out the harmful bacteria.  Our
 product has pectin in it which helps to coat the interior of
 the stomache.  When people try to cut back on the "acid"
 in the stomache they are actually doing the animal harm, as
 the acid is needed.  When the natural coating of the stomache
 gets too thin, the bacteria (helio bactr pilori--bad sp., I'm sure)
 has a chance to adhere, and the ulcer is formed.>

There is some logic to this. We know for example that the gut responds to an
environment that is too basic by supplying more acid--the result is an even
more aggravated gut lining. MSM has been proposed as another solution. 

Still, the causes of ulcers in the racehorse are probably multiple--the role
of NSAIDs is well documented, for example.

>     Our Bone Heal, with it's calcium, phosphorus mix, actually
 helps to coat the stomache lining while the ulcer is healing.
      I had never heard of treating ulcers with antibiotics before,
 and I had never known about the bacteria being carried by flies.
 I just found all this very interesting.  Thought I'd pass it on.
                                                       Linda (AVP)

One concern I have with "coatings" is the probability that one or more
essential nutrients is going to be blocked from absorption. This happens with


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