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Re: Baking Soda

In a message dated 11/24/98 10:18:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, CMKSAGEHIL

<< I have seen numerous cases of ulcers in foals and young horses in my
practice that are housed in confinement and pushed for halter and other show
disciplines.  I understand that they are common on the track, and am not
surprised, considering that most race horses are closely housed and follow a
similar management regimen.  So far I have yet to see a case in an endurance
horse, although I have heard of the occasional odd case.  Not enough for me to
mess with acid-base balances when other ulcer remedies (antacids that are not
absorbed, histamine blockers, etc.) are so much more effective.
 Heidi  >>

Most of the racehorse ulcers come from bute and other NSAIDs.


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