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No sports left in our society

Clip of message: .....Insurance should pay for the treatment whether you
got hurt with or without a helmet.......If riding as pointed out, is the
2nd most dangerous sport, it could be banned altogether one day, don't
you think?  What would you say then?

It is not a premis that riding is rated the 2nd most dangerous sport, it
is a FACT.  Your opinion is yours and you are welcome to it in regards
to having our sport taken away.  IF it was to go, the first sport to go
would have to be race car driving and the skydivers and all the other
"extreme sports" there are out there today.  Don 't count on it.  Sounds
like a wishful thing you would like to  see happen. As long as there is
a United States and Olympics, there will be sports of all kinds incuding
equestrian.  Sounded like you were making a dig.  That may be why you
posted as a guest, horse people feel much differently about your last
sentence--at least I do.

Horseman Joe


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