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muscle tears and time off from riding

Would anyone else have any experience with this sort of thing? I tore
the three muscles and the one tendon in my rotator cuff (in a car
accident). I've not been able to ride for 2 weeks, and the therapist
said that it would be a while... My questions is - how long? Will this
be a problem later?

Stephanie McCray
Golden CO

Alison Dunn wrote:

> Apparently I tore the trapezius (sp?) muscle almost loose from
> the end just under the scapula.  To this day, I can't carry much if
> anything that weighs much on that side, or the scar tissue tears and
> the cycle of inflammation, pain, and neck muscle cramps from the pain
> starts again.  (A sports massage therapist helped alot by breaking down
> some of the scar tissue, but I still have to be careful.)

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