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Re: Mares vs. Geldings

You can also injure yourself if you don't give them their heads.  About 
14 years ago, I didn't let go when my mare tripped.  I hyper-
extended my arms, and she hit the left one pretty hard.  I felt 
something give in my back, but it didn't hurt.  Two days later I helped 
my brother move, carrying lots of boxes.  The next day I was in agony.  
Apparently I tore the trapezius (sp?) muscle almost loose from 
the end just under the scapula.  To this day, I can't carry much if 
anything that weighs much on that side, or the scar tissue tears and 
the cycle of inflammation, pain, and neck muscle cramps from the pain 
starts again.  (A sports massage therapist helped alot by breaking down 
some of the scar tissue, but I still have to be careful.)

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