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Re: Federal Government and Liability

Take a look at this site:


Duncan Fletcher wrote:

> Whether logging loses money depends on how it is calculated and what
> National Forest you are referring to. The building and maintenence of roads
> into trailheads is charged against logging. Now perhaps abandoning those
> roads would be a good idea, particularly if the trailhead is moved and the
> trail extended - but then they will need more money to maintain that longer
> trail - and there are no logging funds to cover that cost. Then there is the
> issue of money paid to local governments in lieu of property taxes. That is
> also charged against logging in those calculations that show logging losing
> money (because that has been the source of those monies). Those local
> jurisdictions supply services to the USFS: road maintence for roads leading
> to them, police services, search and rescue services.
> One of the other issues that needs to be addressed is the bueaucracy that
> has grown up under logging. There are probably a lot of employees that are
> no longer needed, but still on the payroll. One of the Forests in Washington
> has recently reorganized from 5 ranger districts to 3 ranger districts in
> response to that issue. I would suspect that there is room for a lot more of
> this, but it takes a real hard look at the budget details to get a handle on
> this.
> Duncan Fletcher
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> From: Teddy Lancaster <>
> >AH, but it is still OUR land.  AND, according to the USFS Chief, the focus
> of the
> >USFS is shifting from logging to recreation.  We DO have that much clout.
> Bear in
> >mind that the USFS has been LOSING money on logging.
> >

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