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Re: Federal Government and Liability

From what I found out at the Symposium and from literature I have reach regarding
research on such, horses have LESS impact than DEER.  Unfortunately, Forest
Rangers don;t have access to much of this imformation.  It was NOT Government

Was it Connie Berto who faxed me all the good stuff before I went to the
symposium?  If so, you two should be in touch.  All my paperwork from the
Symposium is at a friend's house since I will be gone until after Dubai (the 15th
of December).  So I don't have it to send to you.

Teddy wrote:

> On Dec 7 we are having a meeting with Rob Atwill DVM (criptosporidum research)
> to discuss areas where a research project might help equestrians.  We hope to
> interest UC Davis in these study areas.  I am asking for specific issues which
> have come up that are keeping horses off trails, or that are impacting keeping
> your horse on your own property, or at your stable.
> Possible subjects;
> Weed seeds
> Ammonia
> Nitrogen
> Nutrients
> Erosion
> Fly spray, shampoo or wormer getting into streams
> Soil compaction
> Hazards to human health
> Water Quality
> Manure storage or removal
> Please email me details of problems in your area.
> Thank you,
> Lynge Simoni
> San Jose

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