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Re: Federal Government and Liability

AH, but it is still OUR land.  AND, according to the USFS Chief, the focus of the
USFS is shifting from logging to recreation.  We DO have that much clout.  Bear in
mind that the USFS has been LOSING money on logging.

Yes, lawsuits are difficult and secret here, BUT, if what has happened
here is true elsewhere, they will open themselves up to suits.  They say they will
clear downed trees (and won't allow us to do so) yet, they are still there after 6
months.  We have dangerous spots which they actuality, you are right,
they don't want us.  We are WORK for them. So, if WE WANT OUR TRAILS, we will have
to work for them.



Charlene Bartholomae wrote:

> Hi TEddy,
>         As usual, I've only briefly skimmed over these posts, but had a
> question.  If somone pursued the idea of the Forest Serv getting sued for
> non-maintenance, would they not figure the whole thing might be more hassle
> than they really wanted to deal with and then pursue just closing the trails
> to horse(& possibly other) uses???
>  ,
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