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Summer Camp in US

You can find a fantastic summer camp in Connecticut, US, called Camp
Jewell.  Children age 8 and up are welcome - all programs fill VERY
quickly (some are full now).  Riding is only offered 1 hr/day up to age
12, but after that, a riding program is available full time (all horses,
all the time).

The riding program is called Ranch Camp, and teaches riding and
horsemanship to all levels from "never touched a horse" to advanced. 
The head riding instructor is an experienced distance rider (me), and we
are able to teach something new to everyone.  Focus is on expanding
horizons and accepting challenges.

We have a website at - go to the camp jewell page.  Just
so you know . . . the Ranch Camp page is a bit out of date, as we've
enhanced the program tremendously in the last 2 years, and a new
facility is under development.  If you have more questions, let me know!

Abby Bloxsom
in beautiful New England

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