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Real endurance riders and the Ore.Dunes Ride results

I just back from the Oregon Dunes ER.  Boy, was I impressed.  I went mainly because I wanted finish getting my horse's 1000 before the end of the season.  I'm from Northern Cal. near Eureka.  My husband Eric was kind enough to drive and help me because of the weather, etc.  I had to really question my sanity as we were driving there, with the rain, the wind and road signs stating things like "Traveling not suggested for the next 22 miles."  But we kept going.  I was sure that there would probably only be 2 or 3 of us.  To my surprise there was 16, most of which traveled a lot than we had.  A couple of them came over 500 miles.  Most came just because they wanted go to and ER and wanted to try this one.  Some were from Washington and others from Central Oregon.  I decided these were real endurance riders.  They wouldn't let a little rain stop, let alone a 2 flag storm(what ever that means).  Riders in those areas think us Californias are wimps because we don't like to ride in the rain and I admit even though I live in the wettest part of California, that I hate to ride in the rain.
As it turned out we all had a real good time.  Everyone had there creative ways to stay dry.  I'm not sure that any really work, especially with the strong wind.  I rode most of the ride with Paul Pederson.  It rained on us the first 25, so at the 45 minute hold we both completely changed clothing.  At that point we got a break.  It barely even sprinkled on our 2nd 25.  But just a couple of miles from the finish there was lightning and loud thunder and some real dark clouds, so we hustled to camp.  Just as we got there it started to pour.  Put on quite a show.   I really felt sorry for the 3 still out there, but when they got in they had big smiles on their faces.
The RM Tony Truffer really worked hard to make it a nice ride for us.  He was out there most of the time making sure we were all right and were are course.  I thought the trail marking was good, but I think marking sand dunes could be a little tough.  He had good support people at key intersections.  I never asked him, but it seems as though he worked hard at not sending up and down real big dunes.  He utilized the trails in the trees as much as possible.  That was also appreciated it because of the wind.  It was real nice interesting course with good variety and lot of unplanned water.  He didn't have to put out water for this ride.  These areas of water were actually kind of fun and ground below them was real good.  The vetting was excellent.  We had a very nice steak (thick steak, Tony is a chef) dinner and awards in the evening in the building that is the center for riding ATV's.  Everyone received hats and T-shirts, riders showing for BC received a certicate giving us $10.00 off next years' entry.  Other special item given out for 1st Place, BC, etc. were a jacket, biothane halter and gift food basket for the rider coming the farthest distance.  We camped 2 nights at the adjacent KOA.  This was included in our entry.  
There were 2 entries in the 75 mile ride.  Unfortunately both were pulled for sore in the rear. 
11 started the 50 and 10 finished. 
1st - Linda Johnson - McTron   5:16    BC  and winner of the Fossil 55 Award
2nd - Lois Fox - Rowdy   6:37
3rd - Darlene Anderson - Feather   6:50
4th - Jeri Frankenburger (Junior) - Rudy Jack   6:57
5th - Marie Frankenburger - Tsea Sahruk  6:57
6th - Amanda Webb - McShadow Cat  6:58
7th - Paul Pederson - Aur BoldTribute  7:38
8th - Gail Hought - Kings Flash   7:38
9th & 10th- Ramona Thacker - Candidate   8:47
               - Rhonda Guilford - Lion Heart Flash  8:47
25 mile ride
1st - Sherry Lynn Carri - Two
2nd - Laurie Rutherford - Scarab Kamalie -  BC
3rd - Sally Christopher - Chelan
All 3 riders finished in 4:10.
Tony is hoping to move the date of this ride eariler.  I would really recommend this ride to everyone next year.  I know I was dreading it because of the weather and as it turned out I really enjoyed it and am very glad I went.
Gail Hought and Shaq(Kings Flash) now at 1005 miles

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