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Fitting your helmet

Pat wrote:
Good job on telling people how to adjust the helmets, however, one more
thing needs to be added.  The helmet should cover the forehead. I see
numerous riders place their helmets on the back of their head with their
forehead exposed.

Pat Fredrickson
Natural Horse Handling Rope Halters

And for those of us who have been going down the trail in this manner, extremely frustrated because the helmet apparently no longer fits.................put those little extra pads in the sides, not in the front or back. Logic would seem to dictate that a helmet that is riding up front to back needs a tighter fit in the front of the back.  So much for logic.  I put the pads in on the sides as a last resort prior to tossing my Troxel and going helmet hunting.  Surprise!  Helmet fits again.

Alison Farrin
The Hirsch Company
Innovative Pension Design

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