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told this was the way to keep your horse from falling.  Since then, it 
has become what I naturally tend to do when my horse trips and I'm riding 
down the trail.  But Jim Mitchell's argument from and 
"biomechanical" standpoint makes sense to me.  Now I'm wondering if I can 
break the pull up on the reins habit...  Any other views?

I think those that do this think it works because the act of picking up on the reins also involves straightening your back, squaring your shoulders and moving your center of gravity back.  Which ties into Jim's argument about it not making sense from a biomechanical standpoint unless the momvement of the rest of the body is more important than the jerk on the reins.  Personally, I put this into practice by sitting up and back when my horse stumbles, but letting the reins slide thru my fingers at the same time to let the horse's head find its own balance.  Haven't come off over a stumble yet and I've had a few pretty good ones.
Alison Farrin
The Hirsch Company
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