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Re: Federal Government and Liability

The problem with this, Teddy, is that it could become an excuse to close
trails that the FS doesn't have the funds to keep in perfect condition - and
unfortunately, there are those that would cheer that decision.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: Teddy Lancaster <>

>Well said, Linda, and you are right in your quote. I did, however, talk at
>length with Denise Ferris privately.  This COULD be an issue and CAN be
>AGAINST current  US Forest Service policy and impending policy.
>My point is: MOST  US Forest personnel do not know and do not understand
>ramifications of this.  I, for one, intend to use this argument as a means
>of getting them to maintain the trails we use...  Put the fear in their
>heads that they MAY be sued and perhaps they will actually do the job they
>are supposed to do.
>Just another log on the fire.....

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