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Re: Federal Government and Liability

Then the simple answer is NOT to charge a user fee.  Most states have a limited
liability policy wherein a landowner is exempt for liability when he allow his
land to be used for recreation, PROVIDING he does not charge for it (or set-up
booby traps or neglect to mark off or warn users of a potential known danger).


Duncan Fletcher wrote:

> The problem with this, Teddy, is that it could become an excuse to close
> trails that the FS doesn't have the funds to keep in perfect condition - and
> unfortunately, there are those that would cheer that decision.
> Duncan Fletcher
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Teddy Lancaster <>
> >Well said, Linda, and you are right in your quote. I did, however, talk at
> >length with Denise Ferris privately.  This COULD be an issue and CAN be
> used
> >AGAINST current  US Forest Service policy and impending policy.
> >
> >My point is: MOST  US Forest personnel do not know and do not understand
> the
> >ramifications of this.  I, for one, intend to use this argument as a means
> >of getting them to maintain the trails we use...  Put the fear in their
> >heads that they MAY be sued and perhaps they will actually do the job they
> >are supposed to do.
> >
> >Just another log on the fire.....
> >
> >Teddy
> >
> >

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