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Lynette Helgeson wrote:

> Around here it is mainly farm country. Not much in the department of
> horse supplies, let alone helments like Troxel. So, since there are lots
> of bicycle helmets, would a bicycle helmet work as well? I have a weird
> shaped head and I would need to try on helmets to find one to fit. So
> could I go to bicyle shops and get a helmet and would it work?

Some protection is better than none, but I understand that the testing
requirements for bicycle helmets and riding helmets are different since
the types of impact are different.  (Bicycles don't step on you.)  Were
I spending the money for a helmet for riding, I'd look for an equestrian

Next time at a ride, ask to try on folks' helmets (preferably before
they are wet & sweaty inside).  Another possibility is to order from a
catalog and return it if it doesn't fit (I know - $ in shipping). 
Perhaps a bike store near you carries Troxel bike helmets that you could
try on.  Then, call Troxel and ask what equestrian helmet most closely
matches that shape.

Good luck!

Linda Flemmer

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