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Brazilian Clinic Day V

Sorry about the HTLM, I've tried to fix.... all the instructions on this
computer are entirely in Portuguese and Sylvia, (my host), knows about as
much about the computer as I know Portuguese.  It becomes a real challenge
for both of us.

Day started with a continuation of slides from Sharon Saare's "Back
Lecture".  For those of you who have never seen it, you may get an
opportunity at the convention this year.  Believe me, every time I hear it,
I vow to be more careful of horse selection with the back in mind.  Then of
course saddle fit as well.  The Brasilians were absolutely mismerized.  None
of them had really ever considered the problems of the down hill horse or
the mutton withered horse.

We broke around 11:00 to mount our horses & go across the lush country to
the most gorgeous competition stable I have ever been in.  & Yes...
endurance riders ride in the rain here too.... we were drenched by the time
we arrived.  One of the students manages this mainly jumping & 3 day
eventing stable & invited us to include a tour & lunch at her operation in
our cross country ride for the day.  It was a mind blower.  It had an open
air inside jumping arena flanked by about 40 stalls on the sides.  The wash
rack & tack room was at one end and a dining area at the other.  This was
just outside a glassed lab room, and a trophy room that was not only posh,
but absolutely fool of trophys, (both floors.)   And, of course, original
oils lined the walls.

During lunch, about 20 different horses were paraded in front of us, from an
absolutely gorgeous Anglo/Arab that I would like to bring home, to 2, 3 year
old & one 7 day old baby.  They had imported semen in from the AngloArab
French horses and of course my eye was for what would make a good endurance
prospect, but Sharon and I agreed that the event favorite and the endurance
favorite are pretty close.   Sylvania, our hostess, and one of the students,
showed us her 5 yr old endurance prospect and she really made my mouth
water.  A big flea bitten grey mare that was perfectly balanced.  After a
gourmet lunch, we took a full tour of the facility.    Saw the outside
liberty jumping ring, miles of well keeped paddocks, a hay & equipment barn
that looked almost like a house.  Sylvania apologized for it being dirty,
just as I was saying to myself, can't believe this is the floor of the
barn.... there was about 10 strands of hay on the floor. ;-)  Labor is cheap
here and everything is kept emaculant.  I've made lots of promises to myself
when I get home.... however, my labor is the only one that is cheap it

Returned to the Universidad, but not without loosing another shoe, this time
it was Sharon's horse & Aluisio did the honors of putting on the EZ boot.
He got an A... had to coach him a bit.  Started slides again at 6:00 and
this time we were joined by Sat/Sun's Race Manager.  Yes!!!!  This site has
a 70 k (50 mile race) on Sat. & a 30 k on Sunday.  I may have a horse for
both days so I'm really looking forward to actually getting to compete while
I'm here.  He was quite impressed with what Sharon had to say as well, and
is hauling 3 or 4 horses out tomorrow to have Sharon fit them.  The other
students can't wait to fit the trees on their own horses.

We finished the evening off in a neighboring town at an exquisite German
Restaurant who's specialty was Veal Parmigian, (which is my all time
favorite), and now guys, don't flame me for bathroom talk,.... but, I swear
this is true, ask Sharon,  The inside of the toilet bowls had flowers
painted on them to match the tile work on the walls.  I know, enough,
enough..... see you tomorrow.
Darolyn Butler

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