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Riding helmets

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From: C. Neshek 

I have been reading the Ridecamp digest for a while now as it is received by a friend of mine.  I would like to say why I am, and always will be, in support of horseback riding helmets.  I am newbie, riding only since January 1998.  Recently, while riding a trail in a semi-rocky, hilly, area, my horse spooked.  He used to be a race horse, and though he is 23 now, hasn't forgotten the old days.  I tried to stop him, and used all the skills I recently acquired to remain on him, but to no avail.  I slid off, landing on my back and tumbling for a distance.  Unfortunately, I landed under my horse, and he kicked me in several areas, including my head.  I felt it HARD, as he was at a full gallop.  My face was down, thank God;  he had only kicked the side of my helmet!  I sustained only a dozen or so very large bruises and a fractured finger.  As to my head, I had a headache for a day, and that was all.  I, and my physician, believe that I would have sustained, at best, a concussion, and at worst, brain injury or even death, had I not been wearing a helmet.  As a side note, it ends up that I lost my right stirrup shortly after my horse bolted, which I believe precipitated my fall.  I do, and always will, wear my helmet.  Please don't think that this only happens to newbies;  it only takes one accident to forever change your life (or brain).  

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