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Hi Lynn,

Sorry to hear of your horse's problem. You are right to question the
diagnosis of navicular when the lameness came on suddenly - I'm assuming
your vet did check for an abscess? I had a part Arab pony for many years
who had what the vets thought was navicular (I think they were right) and
we did the neurectomy thing, but I would not do that again. The nerves
grew back rather quickly, and I even had the surgery done again and they
grew back again - so definitely not worth it, plus the risk of the horse
stepping on something and not feeling it...That particular horse did
better barefoot than shod, although I did try the bar shoe routine. He
remained barefoot the rest of his life, and was never really sound but
could be ridden lightly by children. He lived to be 34! Good luck - I
hope you have something other than navicular.


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