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Re: WEG:Deep sand/High Humidity

K S Swigart wrote:

> Why would we send a team of horses from the east to ride at a ride that
> is, by all reports that i have seen, like the desert southwest?
> Are the reports I have seen wrong???  My Encyclopaedia Britanica says:
> Landscape and environment:  "Nearly the entire union is desert,
> contianing broad patches of sand and numerous salt flats" (sounds like
> the Mojave to me).
> "The climate is hot and DRY (emphasis mine).  Rainfall averates only three
> to four inches annually...The average January temperature (sorry it
> doesn't give me December) is 65 deg F (18 C)....vegetation is scanty and
> largely limited to low shrubs..." (sounds like Mojave to me).

When I was at the ICEEP meetings last month, I had dinner with one of
the vets who will be vetting the WEC and had a *very* intimate knowledge
of exactly the trail the horses will be covering---having been one of
the people that planned it.  The trail is exactly as you describe it,
Kat.  As for humidity, I asked her specifically about that, in context
of the arguments of the SE riders and she said that NO, the ride will
NOT be humid at all, and that the ride will be very similar to races
held "in the Southwest region".  Yes, she's an American by birth,
educated at Cornell, so there was no language barrier.

Dunno how you could get any closer to hearing it from the horse's mouth,
but it sure sounds to me like the selection committee did a pretty good
job.  Just my opinion, of course.

Susan G

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