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Re: WEC in Dubai

Well, that's a relief!!!! We won't have to try to

So glad you went to the FEI seminar. I, too,
learned a lot...all positive.  Are you coming to
Dubai yourself?

I have secured permission to sell my goods there,
so you can see at all first hand!!!



Arikara Appaloosas wrote:

>  Sorry to disappoint all of you but I have a
> strong feeling that the South African team are
> going to take up the top four positions. :-). I
> think that you must worry about position 5 and
> on. On a serious note, there are 42 countries
> competing and that adds up to + - 250 horses all
> of which we assume are the cream of their
> respective countries. Good luck to ALL the
> horses and
> riders.Rob.

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