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RE: Re To Tall Horse


> I believe there is some basic physics at play.  Taller people have
longer legs which would lead one to believe that their resonant
frequency of posting ( the frequency that requires the least energy so
is the most comfortable) would be lower than a person with shorter

Truman, I think you're making it a little complicated.  If the smaller horse ( under 15.2 as you say)  has a large barrel your legs will fit. If the horse has that nice long daisy clipping trot, you'll be two pointing most of the time rather than posting..

Jerry is 5'11 (but shrinking) with a 33 inch inseam and rides Dusty, 14.2 with a huge barrel ( Dusty not Jerry) and it works great. He's ridden larger horses with smaller barrels and his legs seem to hang in the same place on either horse.

Bernita BArfield
Southwind Arabians

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