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Re: Re To Tall Horse

Yes indeed! Our little 14.1 on a tall day Fakher El Din daughter could out-
trot my neighbor's Fire Mtn horse any day - in fact, she DID! And this littel
mare had never beedn SADDLED in her LIFE until the dya I decided to hop on and
go for a ride. The other horses were either working or laid up, so I go climb
on this littel peanut like some kind of a dumb jerk and go for a rid ein the
PARK! 5200 acres to GALLOP AWAY ON - and this little girl - she went along so
nice. You would have never known she had never carried a rider or a saddle
before that day. She was 11 years old. Who would have thought! Anyway, she
EASILY out-trotted Fire Mtn Nytro - man, she could trot! 

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