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endurance tv tape

Okay, Potato, you know its coming. To where do we send the blank tape and the
postage money? I bet you would appreciate  a return envelope with postage
already on it. I  also bet you get a bunch of requests. 

I believe I saw this very program  on tv a few years back....this was before
we had horses, before we could even ride.  My husband and I were spellbound.
This program (if it's the same one) was the catalyst for my husband I getting
horses. It is also where  we got the idea to get into endurance. We had never
had even heard of  the sport before but we have always loved being outside. 

Anyway, the program  we saw was very  funny. A guy who couldn't even ride a
horse was "mc'ing" the event. I do remember that it was 100 miles in 1 day.
The emcee  borrowed a horse from someone.....was it you? I think I even
remember hearing the name Potato (or am completely dreaming now???) The new
guy lost his stir-up on the way...I don't believe he made it all the way! He
was really sore!  I can still see those huge boulders in the wilderness, and
those people "tailing" up that mountain trail 
I would love to have a copy of this tape!! I keep watching for the re-reun,
hoping it will come back on tv some day as it was such a pivotal event in our
lives. Nothing is same since we got horses! And that's a real good thing!  
Our wedding anniversary is this week (22 years). Hubby says, what do you want
to do for our anniversary?  "Take me RIDING!" That's what I want!  Just take
me riding!!" He retires this January and promises to pick me up at work with
the trailer and horses any time I want. Yipee!! See ya' on the trail!
Happy trails, 
Beverly and Flower
Blue Ridge Mts. of SWVA

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